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1902 Golf Ball Patent Print

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1902 Golf Ball Patent Print

This aged print shows "Certain new and useful Improvements in Golf-Balls" invented by Richard B. Cavanagh, who submitted this patent on July 30th, 1902. The patent was then approved on October 7th of the same year.

Mr. Cavanagh claimed "My improved ball combines the feature of exceedingly low price and durability, and avoids the disadvantage of being too lively for a short game, while well adapted for a long flight when given a heavy blow."

His golf ball design contained wood, paper pulp, ground cork, and glues all wrapped up in a Gutta-Percha cover.

This print evokes a feeling of nostalgia from a time when people would try anything to gain a few more yards... I guess not much has changed. 

This aged print is available in the legal document format of 8.5" x 14"


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